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Bee Enter the world of Bees and Wasps.
All the types of buzzing bees and wonderful wasps can be found here from the common, the rare, the huge and the tiny; you can learn what they get up to and what they Detailed descriptions of appearance are listed for each one with photos or illustrations to help identify any that you spot. There are easy comparable statistics, larvae descriptions and a simple glossary to welcome all those who are new to the world of insects. Also there are articles detailing the fascinating life of bees. Ever wondered how long they live, how they make honey and what goes on in a hive? Learn it all here and more and then test yourself in the bee and wasp quiz. And it's not all about the little critters, you can learn some practical information about honey, how it helps heal sores and pains, health properties and the benefits of Manuka honey.

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Robots use bee brains to make them smarter. Bees aren't just amazing because they make honey, the have an excellent sense of smell and they use their sight in an intriguing way. Scientists are now in a £1 million project to create a computer simulation of a bee's sensory system. This will programme flying machines to create an intelligent automated pilot.
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